Yat Tin Chow

Yat Tin pic 

Yat Tin Chow
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Riverside, CA 92521

Office: Skye (Surge) 228
Website: https://ytchow.github.io/
Email: yattinc@ucr.edu | ytchow@math.ucla.edu | ytchow@math.cuhk.edu.hk

Post-doctoral scholars:
Ali Pakzad (Jointly with James Kelliher) Next Destination: Zorn Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University Bloomington
Mahesh Sunkula Next Destination: Assistant Professor of Practice, Purdue University

PhD students:
James Alcala Next Destination: Dornsife Teaching Fellow, USC,
Ryan Aschoff (Jointly with Samy Tindel),
Edwin Lin (Jointly with Alpar Richard Meszaros),
Branndon Mariscal (Jointly with Yiwei Wang),
Irwin Paredes Escobar,
Ke Zhang (Jointly with Yiwei Wang, Siting Liu),
Rim Hammoud (Jointly with Yiwei Wang, Siting Liu),
Vasilij Shikunov (Jointly with Yiwei Wang, Siting Liu)

PhD students with whom we worked closely together:
Will Sharpless (UCSD, Student of Sylvia Herbert),
Siting Liu (UCLA, Student of Stanley Osher) Next Destination: Assistant Professor, UCR
Weiyi Liu (UCLA, Student of Wilfrid Gangbo) Next Destination: Seismic Data Scientist, CGG
Jolene Britton (UCR, Student of Yulong Xing) Next Destination: Postdoctorial Researcher, Pepperdine University
Fuqun Han (CUHK, Student of Jun Zou) Next Destination: Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA

Undergraduate students with whom we worked closely together:
Xinrui Yu (CUHK), Irene Yumeng Wan (University of Michigan), Bill Murray (UCR), Michelle Wu (UCR)

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